When we worked together in the past Yunho once suffered from dehydration and I was worried about [him] shooting in heat… Yunho yah, How are you? I’m doing fine.It will be your first historical, it will be hard. You will have a lot of outside scenes. You won’t have time, so CG process will be tight… also you will need to learn martial arts. So you will get tired physically and it will be hot so drink a lot of water. Working hard is a good thing; however, think about your body and take care of yourself while your filming. Jung Yunho will do well. Yunho yah fighting!

140731 Jaejoong’s message to Yunho about his new drama Night Watchman

"윤호야, 잘 지내니? 첫 사극 힘들텐데…" (Yunho yah, how are you? I am fine…) trans

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sexy bangs xo

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why won’t you let us inside your room teuk??? 
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Leeteuk in a bathtub on ‘All about Super Junior’ DVD ;AAA;

Leeteuk in a bathtub on ‘All about Super Junior’ DVD ;AAA;

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Put a symbol in my ask:

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[HD](DVD) All About Super Junior -TREASURE WITHIN US

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Jonghyun on Weekly Idol 3 Year Anniversary Special

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